What Are The Important Factors To Consider About RRB NTPC Vacancies?

By | June 16, 2021

Every year RRB NTPC Notification is released to invite the candidates for different job posts. The Railway Recruitment Board every year conducts this exam to hire the best candidates. Here, it needs to mention that free courses are available online that you may take accordingly. Apart from it, you may also join the online paid classes to get more marks.

If you have applied and are thinking about how you can pay for it then you have landed at the right place. Online payment is the solution. You may pay through different online modes like credit/debit cards, internet banking, UPI, etc. The best thing is that it is quite convenient to do.

Knowing basic details is important if you are going to apply for this RRB NTPC Vacancies. RRB stands for the Railway Recruitment Board, is responsible for conducting the exam for various jobs including Traffic Appraise, Clerk Cum Typist, Goods Guards, and so on.

  • Most candidates get confused if RRB comes under the central government or not. You do not need to be confused since it works under the central government. Your future is safe if you get to select.
  • The candidates who passed the exam and got selected would be enjoying a lot of benefits indeed. You will be having the best experience. You would be working under the central government. You will be having a bright and secured future indeed.
  • Talking about the in-hand salary, you will be paid following the seventh pay commission.
  • What makes most candidates go with this job is that they would be receiving excellent perks as well as allowances. Employees do feel great going with it.
  • Before joining, you must get aware of your responsibilities, promotion, and growth, and so on. It helps you to make an ideal space among the seniors.

What Post Is Good In The Context Of Salary –

Have you been thinking about what post can offer you the best salary package? You have landed at the right place. Talking about maximum salary for the undergraduate level, it is for commercial-cum-ticket clerks. But it is being asked about the graduate-level post, station master and commercial apprentice get the highest salary. Here, we are going to mention the job post and salary to make you aware of it in a detailed manner –

Firstly, go with salary for graduate-level oriented job posts. If you hold a graduate-level degree then you may go for any of these job posts, they are just incredible and come up with a good monthly salary amount. Let’s check how much you can get.

  • Traffic Assistant would be getting an amount of 25K.
  • Talking about the job post of Good Guard, they would be getting a monthly payment of 29K.
  • If you are going to apply for a senior commercial cum ticket clerk job post then you would be getting 29K.
  • Talking about another reputed job post called senior clerk cum typist, you will be receiving 29K on a monthly basis.
  • And another respected job on the list is Junior account assistant cum typist in which you would be getting an ideal amount of 29K.
  • Senior timekeeper is also counted as one of the prominent job posts since it brings 29K on monthly basis.
  • Most candidates also want to apply for Commercial apprentice since it comes with a handsome salary package of 35K.
  • And there is one more maximum salary-oriented job post called Stationmaster. You will be getting an ideal amount of 35K monthly upon being hired.

Let’s Check Out The Name Of The Post And Their Salary – Here, we are going to mention prominent posts and their salary –

  • A Junior Clerk cum typist job is an ideal option to consider. It comes up with an initial payment of INR 19K.
  • If you want to go with another excellent job post then Accounts Clerk Cum Typist is also worthy to choose, in which you will be receiving the initial pay of 19K.
  • Junior Time Keeper is on the next level which is quite popular among the people. You will be getting a monthly payment of 19K.
  • The next on the list is Trains Clerk in which you would be receiving the INR 19K.
  • Talking about the job post which can bring the highest salary paid to you, it is a commercial cum ticket clerk introducing INR 21K.


  • To Learn More About The Vacancies –

The fact cannot be ignored that several job vacancies options make it different from others. Having a higher number vacancy means most candidates would get a chance to go for it. Apart from it, this factor also increases the chance of being selected. Go with the vacancies which you find ideal accordingly. Apart from it, more vacancies also lead to having a healthy competitive atmosphere.

  • What About The Choice Of Zone –

Next on the list is that you will be having the opportunity to “choice of the zone”. Here, every railway comes up with a different number of job posts in the context of different posts. So, when you are filling your job post-related preference in the application, you must get aware of the job vacancies in the context of that zone. Talking about fewer vacancies in your home zone, you are needed to go ahead to hunt neighboring zones along with higher vacancies.

  • Needed Medical Standard –

You also needed to make sure that you fit into the medical standards set by RRB. Each post has a different medical standard. Make sure that you go with all sorts of medical standards in the context of the job post you have been wishing to apply for. Make sure that you are eligible for it.

  • Work Type As Per Your Job Interest –

Candidates must concern themselves with the job post preference while choosing the work type style. Each job post’s work style is different and unique. For example, if you love meeting many people then being a station master could be an ideal job option for you. If you go with the job post the way you want then you will truly be having the best experience.

Conclusion –

It means you will be having the best options in front of you. It is time to decide on the job post you feel is more convenient indeed.

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