Food & Human Health – Food & Human Health Importance

By | September 25, 2020

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Food & Human Health: Food provides energy for humans. So food is human fuel. Food & Human Health – Food & Human Health Importance

All nutritious foods rich in quantity Diseases related to nutrient deficiency in food and related information

  • Vitamins: – Vitamin is an important protective substance of nutrients. No energy is obtained from it.
  • The discovery of vitamin K was done in 1911.
  • Generally, vitamins are not synthesized by our body cells.
  • Exceptions Vitamin K and D are synthesized in our body.
  • Vitamin B and C are soluble in water.
  • Vitamin A, D, EK is soluble in fat and organic drivers.
  •  A Vitamin: –
  • Chemical name – Retinol
  • Source – Milk, Egg, Paneer etc.
  • Disease – night blindness, infection, gerrophthalmia
  • Symptom – Not visible at night or in light

Food & Human Health

Important Vitamin For Human Health – Vitamin -B

Type of Vitamin Chemical Name Disease Source
B-1 Thiamine Berry-Berry Groundnut, Sesame, Egg etc.
B-2 riboflavin skin skin, tongue burst, eyes red yeast, meat, green vegetables etc
B-3 Neosine white hair, dim brain peanut, sugarcane etc.
B-5 Pantalineic Acid Pelagra (Skin Shing) or 4-D Syndrome Meat, Peanut etc.
B-6 pyridoxine (anemia, skin disease) meat, grains etc.
B-7 biotin paralysis, hair fall meat, egg etc.
B-11 folic acid anemia, peaches Dals, vegetables etc.
B-12 sinocobalamine anemia, Pandu Diseases, milk etc.

Food & Human Health Importance

Vitamin C: –

  • Chemical Name – Ascorbic Acid
  • Source – lemons, oranges, sprouted grains etc.
  • Diseases – Scurvy, gingivitis

Vitamin D: – Chemical name – calciferol

  1. Source: milk, egg, etc.
  2. Disease – Ricketts

Vitamin E: –

  • Chemical name – Tocopherol
  • Source – milk, butter, sprouted grains etc.
  • Disease – decreased fertility

Vitamin K: –

  • Chemical name – Philocavon
  • Sources – Tomatoes, green vegetables etc.
  • Disease – becoming a blood clot

Carbohydrate – Carbon: Hydrogen: Oxygen = 1: 2: 1 The organization is carbohydrate.

  • 50-75 percent energy supply
  • 1 gram glucose = 4.2 k cal
  • Monosaccharide = glucose, glactose, manoj
  • Dye sauceride → sucrose = glucose + fructose
  • Maltose = glucose + glucose
  • Lactose = glucose + glactose
  • Poly saikeride → starch, glycogen chitin poly siceride → starch, glycogen chitin
  • Body energy supply by carbohydrate oxidation
  • Carbohydrates also produce vitamin C and nucleic acids in the body.
  • Carbohydrate is found in wheat, rice, corn, potato, sweet potato etc.
  • Protein: – A mixture of 20 amino acids

Need for Food & Human Health

Most proteins are found in soybean. A working woman should take 45 grams of protein per day. They act as catalysts in biological functions.

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