8 Methods to Keep Your Data Protected

By | July 28, 2021

Your data is critical to you, whether you are an individual or a business. Individually, your data is your personal property, such as your images, movies, and files, however in company, your data is your intellectual property, such as your trade secrets, customer data, and sensitive files. If you utilise the internet, regardless of who or what you are, you have data that is useful to at least someone. Identity theft, ransom demands, cyber espionage, and cyber assault are all examples of data theft. Whatever the cause, the response is the same: safeguard your data as you would your money. According to CEH specialists, the following basic procedures can significantly improve data security:


  1. Make frequent backups of it

Backup your files on a regular basis. Check that your backups are functioning properly. On your devices, you may select between manual and automated data backup options. In the event of data theft or loss, this easy technique can assist you in recovering your lost data.

  1. Select strong passwords

Maintain strong passwords that are unique to each account. Passwords serve as your first line of defence against cyber attacks and data theft. Choose complex passwords that include a mix of lowercase and uppercase alphabets, numerals, and special characters. Also, make sure they are at least 8-12 characters long. If you have difficulties remembering all of your passwords, you may use a secure password manager such as LastPass.

  1. Make use of two-factor authentication

Even if your password is compromised or stolen, two-factor authentication can help you keep your important data safe. Receiving OTPs on your mobile phone is one of the most secure methods of logging into your accounts.


  1. Employ ethical hackers

Professionals that have received ethical hacking training can assist you in keeping your whole digital environment safe from black hat hackers. If you are a company or a high-profile individual, you may hire ethical hackers, often known as white hat hackers, to detect and repair weaknesses in your system before they are exploited.

  1. Protect it using encryption

This does not need to be explained. Encryption is the greatest way to safeguard sensitive and confidential data. Hackers may easily snoop on conversations and steal your files using Man in the Middle attacks, but if the data is encrypted, it is more resistant to alteration and exploitation.

  1. Do not save your personal information in the cloud

Keep your personal information off the cloud. One of the most popular techniques of penetration is cloud hacking. In layman’s terms, a cloud is someone else’s computer. As a result, keep your private and personal data on your device until it is absolutely required to transfer it to the cloud as a cyber security practise and a digital hygiene regulation.

  1. Dispose of your data in a secure manner

If you’re getting rid of data, be sure you do so safely. Make it a practise to shred your documents before disposing of them. Dumpster diving is commonly used by hackers to hunt for private information in the garbage.

  1. Opt for privacy

Don’t post too much personal information on social media. Even if you do, keep your profiles secret so that individuals with criminal intent cannot use your personal information against you as a weapon to obtain access to your accounts. For example, if you frequently post images of your beloved dog on social media and any of your security questions include your dog’s name as a response, someone with access to your social media accounts can use that information to get into your accounts.

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