5 Eco Friendly Yet trendy Gift Ideas For This Holiday Season

By | July 28, 2021

Gift shopping becomes stressful sometimes but it gives you joy when you know the gift you are buying for your near and dear ones is going to make their day a lot brighter and fun. But at the same time if you are a little worried about how the gifts are going to impact the environment then this gift hunting task becomes a challenge for you. It would make a lot of confusion and mess that you think where you would find such gifts that are stylish enough to blow the mind of others and sustainable enough to not do any harm to your mother earth.


But you will be glad to know that there are actually quite a few gift ideas that do only little harm to the environment. Yes, they will be totally amazed when your giftee receives such items from you. In this way, they will also let them know how much you care for the environment and for your loved ones happiness as well. Even if it’s their birthday in between this upcoming holiday season then worry not, you will have the gifts from our list that will help them to cheer up. Now let’s take a look at what we have gathered in the list of eco friendly items for everyone in your list.

Tropical Plants

When it comes to finding an eco-friendly gift for your loved ones, the very gift item that hits our mind is succulent and tropical plants. Yes, give your loved ones the peace that only comes when they will be surrounded by the green plants. A green planter is a reminder that you care for them. Along with this you can give a ceramic planter so that it will be easy for them to place it in their home interior and make it a decor item. It’s an affordable and the best gift item that your loved ones will cherish for a lifetime.

Organic Clothes

You will be amazed to know that there are many brands out there who manufacture organic clothes as well. So look out for some portals or nearby stores which deal in this. They make trendy and comfortable clothing that comes in a variety of styles so that customers can choose according to their taste and budget. The stuff they use to make feels soft to touch and are available in bold colors that are perfect to present anyone in your list. You can pair this gift idea with online birthday cake delivery at their place to add more kick into this one.

Reusable Tote

A tote is the basic essential which everyone needs whether they are heading out for grocery shopping or for travelling. You can easily find such reusable tote bags through your offline and online stores. You just have to put in a little effort then you are ready to blow away the minds of your loved ones. It’s affordable, eco-friendly and made from stuff which doesn’t impact much on the environment. You can also get it personalised with a sweet message or quote on it.

Reusable straws

If you know, the plastic straws got banned a long time ago and metal straws took their place. But if you have someone in your list that does not prefer drinking from metal straws then you will be glad to know that there are silicone straws which are available almost everywhere. They come in different colors, soft in texture, flexible and also safe to reuse and wash. These straws even come with cleaning accessories and with a safe case so that one can carry it whenever or wherever they want.


Such cookbooks include the photography of tasty food and also the recipes which teaches the person to make good food at home without wasting any food left over or waste behind. Isn’t it amazing? If yes then get this one for your loved ones.


So these are some eco-friendly gifts that won’t affect the environment.

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